Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Servant Nation

By Jae Theylon - copyright

What if God chose for His Own,
a unique servant nation?
Would their purpose, thus, remain
to serve on earth in His name,
or, would they ignore this oblation?

If God did choose a people,
how might they be seen apart?
Surely they would follow Him,
walk after and obey Him;
imperfect mortals after God's heart?

How shall we find these servants -
where did God say we should look?
If the truth be our master,
we shall soon find our answer
brought to light through God's Spirit and Book.

Though, often we'll discover
far more questions than answers,
nonetheless, we will persist -
no painful truth we'll resist! -
though our most cherished beliefs waiver.

Do we question God's Kingdom?
Who will tell us - Isaiah?
Shall we query salvation?
Look deep in Revelation.
The lost sheep'found? So says Hosea!

Does God keep His promises?
Can His people trust their King?
Through the First Covenant and Last
does His Holy Word stand fast?
"Yes!" declare the age-old hymns we sing.

God's servants are manifest -
their Way undeniable.
A peculiar nation,
in truth, kith and relation,
shall prove the Lord God infallible.